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To CraftEdit

Requires you to place a C4 Detonator in your crafting grid to get the C4 Defuser

C4 DefuserEdit

In order to make a C4 Defuser, you first have to make a C4 Detonator (See C4 Detonator) The C4 Detonator / Defuser makes life with C4 explosive that much easier to work with. If you place the Detonator in the crafting grid, it will turn into a defuser, do it again, and it turns back into the detonator. Unfortunately, their appearence is identical, so be careful you have the right option in your hand before using it. You can now remove C4 and TNT by using the defuser like shears,and right-click on the blocks to recover them. There is currently a known bug whereby you recover your TNT/C4 block, another remains floating, but you are unable to pick it up.