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  Ropeinuse This picture illustrates the rope in use

To CraftEdit

Requires 4 x Synthetic Fibre + 1 x Iron Ingot + 1 x Synthetic String

Synthetic RopeEdit

Synthetic Rope, one of the most useful tools for those long expeditions around your world, and with the terrain having much deeper ravines now, Rope will prove invaluable to you on your travels. Rope can ONLY be placed on the underneath of almost any world block, including glass. Once placed, it drops a line down as far as it can until it hits a block below. The rope can be climbed down, or up. Breaking any part of it breaks it all. So, if you've just shinned down into that deep valley you've always wanted to vist, by breaking the rope at the bottom will cause all of it to break, and the rope will fall from above back into your hands - Great eh!..... by the way, if you do that, how you going to get back up ? Rope is not stackable in your inventory. Rope is not used as an ingredient.